Discover the Power of Impactful Communication with Cause Impact Limited. As a premier Public Relations (PR) and communication management agency, we have been redefining brand narratives and unlocking brand imagination since 2010. Our journey involves collaborating with a diverse array of brands, from tech innovators to consumer products, empowering SMEs in Africa, supporting banks across the continent, nurturing African artists, and engaging with international companies. At Cause Impact Limited, we transform stories into legacies, one impactful communication at a time.

What Makes Us Unique?

Elevating Communication Through Strategic Insight: At Cause Impact, our distinction lies in our unwavering commitment to conducting comprehensive research that informs the development and implementation of cutting-edge communication strategies and plans. We recognise that effective communication surpasses the art of crafting beautiful messages; it hinges on a profound understanding of the target audience, their preferred channels, and communication habits.

Distinguishing ourselves in the communication landscape, Cause Impact has strategically invested in nurturing a dynamic team of skilled communication experts. This team is dedicated to conducting in-depth research on our clients' target audiences, enabling us to craft communication strategies that not only captivate but truly resonate with them. Our emphasis on research ensures that our clients' messages are a harmonious blend of style and substance, effectively achieving their intended goals and objectives. With Cause Impact, communication is not just an art; it's a strategic science tailored to make a lasting impact.


Masters of The Craft

Crafting Excellence Through Mastery:

Each member of our team is a seasoned expert in their respective fields, bringing years of invaluable experience to the table. We are not just professionals; we are passionate visionaries dedicated to infusing creativity into every project we undertake.

The Art of Precision

Every Detail Matters:

At Cause Impact, quality is not just a standard – its our commitment to creating havens of excellence. We meticulously attend to every detail, partnering with the finest craftsmen to ensure the unparalleled quality that has become synonymous with our brand.

Trailblazing Future Narratives

Beyond the Horizon, We Shape Tomorrow:

As visionaries of the future, we embrace experimentation, explore unusual materials, and revel in unlikely combinations. Our refusal to say 'no' fuels our ability to envision and create the extraordinary.

Meet Our Managing Director

Image is you, Inside Out.

Ms Kentice Tikolo

Founder and Managing Director

As the founder and managing director of Cause Impact Limited, Ms. Kentice Tikolo is a seasoned communication and public relations professional with an illustrious career spanning over 25 years across public, private, and NGO sectors. Her extensive industry experience is complemented by her roles as a former Board member of the Global Alliance and Chair of the Public Relations Society of Kenya, showcasing her leadership and dedication to advancing the field.

Blessed with a unique blend of scientific acumen and communication artistry, Kentice is a conscientious and hands-on strategist. Her excellence in planning and executing impactful communication strategies has positioned Cause Impact Limited as a trailblazer in the industry, solidifying Kentice Tikolo's reputation as a visionary leader shaping the future of public relations and communication.


With a rich legacy of successful PR campaigns, we are your ideal partner for the next project. Our extensive experience ensures we embrace challenges head-on while adeptly managing risks. Trust us to elevate your brand through strategic communication.

The African Population and Health Research Centre (APHRC)
Kenya Civil Aviation Authority


"At Cause Impact Limited, our dedicated team relentlessly pursues perfection. We feel privileged to collaborate with esteemed clients who place their trust in our expertise, allowing us to guide them towards realising their aspirations with our creative vision."

Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancy

Embarking on a transformative journey with the Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancy, we crafted a dynamic Integrated Marketing Communication strategy for the iconic One Mara brand. This project seamlessly blends creativity and conservation, fostering a powerful connection between the brand and its audience. Stay tuned for a campaign that not only captivates but also contributes to the preservation of the magnificent Maasai Mara ecosystem.


Gerald Makau Masila

Executive Director at Eastern Africa Grain Council

"Cause Impact exceeded our expectations by successfully fulfilling all contractual obligations. Their commitment to delivering satisfaction, adhering to specifications, provisions, and conditions, showcases their dedication to excellence. We highly recommend Cause Impact for their exceptional work and professionalism."

Constance Gakonyo

Former Chief of Staff - Office of The First Lady

"It is my privilege to wholeheartedly recommend Kentice Tikolo, a professional we collaborated closely with for the launch of the Beyond Zero campaign. Kentice possesses a remarkable talent for conceptualising and bringing creative ideas to life, guiding a team to ensure seamless and impactful implementation. Her integrity and sincerity have been consistently evident, solidifying her position as an expert in public relations and communications strategy. Without hesitation, I would turn to her expertise for future endeavours."


Media Relations

Amplify Your Message:

Your voice deserves to be heard, and at Cause Impact Limited, we ensure it resonates loudly and clearly. Recognising the pivotal role of mass media in creating awareness about your organisation, its activities, and impact, we navigate the intricacies of media dynamics. Our expertise positions your organisation to stand out from the crowd, engaging audiences effectively.

Crisis Communication

Navigating Crises with Confidence:

In the realm of public relations, a robust crisis communication plan is not just vital – its indispensable. Crises can inflict reputational and financial damage, making effective crisis management imperative. At Cause Impact Limited, we understand the stakes and offer a comprehensive approach to guide your organisation through tumultuous times.

Creative Design and Production

Elevate Your Brand through Creative Design and Production:

At Cause Impact Limited, our graphic design services are a testament to our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality. What sets us apart is our meticulous attention to detail and expertise in crafting designs that seamlessly blend visual appeal with high functionality.


Reach out to us for innovative communication solutions, strategic partnerships, or any inquiries. We're here to amplify your brand and make a positive impact. Let's start a conversation – your journey to exceptional communication begins here.